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The retirement of veteran LCS mid laner Bjergsen last weekend sent shockwaves through the international League of Legends community. Arguably one of the most recognizable names in League esports, his retirement and transition to the head coaching role for TSM came after an unsuccessful World Championship performance by the team, who went 0-6 in their first Worlds appearance since 2017. 

For Bjergsen, Worlds 2020 marked a slightly less-than-heroic end to one of the most famous and domestically successful careers in League esports history. From humble beginnings with the Copenhagen Wolves in season three of the EU LCS to six domestic titles and five World Championship appearances as the figurehead of TSM in North America, Bjergsen is a player who’s truly seen it all. His experience and leadership on TSM’s roster over his six-year tenure with the organization has shaped one of the most historically successful North American teams of all time—and he’s left possibly some of the biggest shoes to fill in the world of esports. 

But who will fill his shoes? With TSM floundering on the international stage at this year’s World Championship, many fans called for some kind of change within the roster. But now that Bjergsen has vacated his starting spot in favor of a coaching role, the question of replacements is a conversation of necessity rather than speculation. 

With the international fame of the TSM brand, it’s likely that the team will be extending offers to players from multiple regions. The identity of

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