Esports becomes medal event in Asian Games, but challenges aplenty for India – Firstpost

In an ideal world, every eSport should be approached the way individual sports are approached. However, given that eSports in India is still in its infancy, it is unrealistic to expect a comprehensive support.

In what can be considered a landmark event for the gaming industry, the Asian Games in Hangzhou that is scheduled to be held in 2022 will include eSports as a medal event. These medals earned from eSports events will be counted towards the final medal tally of the various countries taking part in the games.

While the 2018 edition of the Asian Games held in Jakarta included eSports, these events were only exhibition ones and as such the medals were not considered a part of the final medal tally.

Given this decision by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) to make it a medal event, the big question that comes to mind is what eSports will be featured and how many of these medals can India win?

As of today, there is no official list that confirms the exacts for the eSports that will be included in the Asian Games. In 2018, a total of six esports were featured –

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