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COLUMBIA – The Esports industry has been perceived in the past as a fun hobby, but now it is increasingly seen as a legitimate career option. According to the Global Esports Market Report, in 2016 the industry was valued at $493 million. This year it is expected to be worth over 1 billion.  

Tyler Schrodt is the founder and President of the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF), which organizes leagues both at the collegiate and high school levels. He created his company from an idea he had while working for Residence Life at the Rochester Institute of Technology.      

“EGF really was started based on trying to solve this challenge of how we engage with students that don’t necessarily connect with administrators through traditional activities,” Schrodt said. “It was really awesome to be a part of the community and to start a business and having the opportunity to do so just kind of based on the path that life was taking me on.”      


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