Game on as Daxue Rd decorated with eSports themes – SHINE

With the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, or S10, being staged in Shanghai, Daxue Road in Yangpu District has been decorated with elements from the eSports game.

Pedestrians walking on the road may run into a character, an iconic ornament or a well-known scene from the game.

The creative decorations are made by Tencent Games, organizer of S10, as well as teachers and students from the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

“About 21 students from various majors of our university have participated in this project to make 10 works, including paintings and lamps, to create a game ambience on the road based on the neighborhood’s original environment,” said Lu Xinye, a teacher from the university.

She said the university will host an offline event for fans to watch the semi-final competition and cheer for participating teams, and its students will create dance music for the game.

Lu said the university will continue cooperation with Tencent Games in the future to allow its students to participate in future game designs.

As one of the world’s biggest eSports events, S10 kicked off in Shanghai last month, featuring 22 teams from around the world. The four Chinese teams are Top eSports, JD Gaming, Suning and LGD Gaming. The knockout stage matches are being broadcast online, and the final competition will be held at the brand-new Pudong Football Stadium on October 31. Only  6,300 people will be able to enter the venue to watch the final.

Shanghai has been working on establishing itself as an international eSports capital. Apart from building venues, some districts, including Yangpu, have unveiled preferential policies for eSports companies and competition organizers. Several universities in the city, including Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, have launched eSports-related majors to cultivate much needed talent.

The previous two League of Legends World Championship finals, held in South Korea and France, were won by Chinese teams. Shanghai has already been announced as the host city for next year’s finals.

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