How Esports and Online Casinos Are Revolutionizing Entertainment – The Game Haus

How Esports and Online Casinos Are Revolutionizing Entertainment - The Game Haus

While virtually all of the most significant developments within the world of entertainment over the past decade have taken place in the digital realm, none has been so dramatic and unexpected as the rise of esports and online casinos.

Despite being relatively fringe industries a few short years ago, esports and online casino gaming now represent multi-billion-dollar global markets, attracting millions of players and fans. What ties esports and online casinos together is that they are both competitive online gaming models with a rapidly growing following, in which participants can stand to win real money.

Perhaps, most importantly, both of these closely related industries are not only driven by cutting-edge technology but are also helping to drive technological change in the wider entertainment sector. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that esports and online casinos are revolutionizing entertainment.

Turning online gaming into a professional career 

Perhaps the most obvious way that esports and online casino gaming have impacted entertainment is that it is now completely plausible for anyone with online gaming prowess to make a career out of it. Well-known esports gamers such as Peter Dager, Faker, and s4 have millions of followers on social media and enjoy sponsorship deals with companies such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, and Taco Bell, according to BusinessInsider. Meanwhile, distinguished online poker players such as Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu have made tens of millions of dollars apiece, and have turned their online gaming passion into a full-time career.