KRU Esports Team : Manchester City Star Sergio Aguero Forms new Esports Team, Messi Congratulated… – The Sportsrush

Sergio Aguero becomes the latest football star to form an Esports team. He forms a team called KRU Esports to be based in Argentina and Spain.

Aguero joins the list of his fellow professionals Antoine Griezmann, Mesut Ozil, Christian Pulisic and many more to be owner or part of Esports organisations. KRU Esports will be based in Barcelona and Argentina.

Aguero is also the owner and CEO of the newly formed team. The aim of KRU is to take part first in FIFA and later expand to other games like Counterstrike, League of legends, etc.

Sergio Aguero: Football star to Esports CEO –

The lockdown was very productive and fun for Manchester City’s star striker Sergio Aguero. He started streaming while playing FIFA and some of his clips are simply hilarious. His Twitch channel regularly gets thousands of views. Sergio also calls up some of his football friends while live streaming.

Most notably calling Lionel Messi while doing so. It was a natural progression for him to either start or be a part of an Esports organisation. Fans will be eager to see him in the role of a CEO

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