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There is more CSGO on the horizon, with Intel Extreme Masters Beijing-Haidian 2020 starting on November 6, pitting together the best teams in North America and Europe for a spot in the IEM Global Challenge.

Two regional tournaments will take place and both promise to deliver some great Counter-Strike, Europe is looking to provide the majority of the top-quality gameplay while North America will provide a really interesting look at new teams and their up-and-coming talent.

The prize pools that teams will be looking to take home are $150,000 (EU) and $70.000 (NA) with the winners securing a spot for the IEM Global Challenge.

IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 stream

All games will be streamed on ESL’s Twitch account. There will be only one match playing at any time so it will be easy to keep up with.

IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe preview

The European branch is hosting the continent’s elite teams with the Heroic, Vitality, and Astralis looking like the favorites but we cannot ignore the potential challenge from OG and a NiKo-powered G2 Esports; especially after the great form showed at last Premier: Fall Series, with both teams topping their respective groups.

BIG and the Complexity juggernaut will also be at the event, with both teams having proved their capacity to win tournaments in the online era.

The top teams from earlier in the year will also attend the event with Fnatic, NaVi, and Mousesports looking

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