realjamesh hints at playing Survival Minecraft again

realjamesh could be returning to gaming on his YouTube channel after a clip of him playing Minecraft was leaked on Discord.

James first played the game for YouTube in the summer of 2019 and his first video (thumbnail pictured above) was an instant success getting way more views than is typical for his channel. In the first video he created a new survival Minecraft world and spent the majority of the video collecting materials and other items needed to survive in Minecraft.

A few more episodes were made with them consistently getting lots of views. However, for a still unknown reason, realjamesh stopped posting any Minecraft content to his channel, without telling viewers why or if he would continue the series.

Now, over a year later a video was leaked on a chat which pictured him as he looks now, playing Minecraft which could mean a potential return to the YouTube gaming community.

We’ll have to wait and see though as these could just be rumours and not reality, although the video did look very real. James is currently focusing his online image on his business ventures with JEM Media, his company, but that shouldn’t stop him from returning to Minecraft- we’re waiting for that new episode James!

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