Starlite: The Next Generation of Racing Games

Ready to get your heart racing? Starlite, a new immersive game from the Sirius Play studio, is shifting gears into the future of racing. Starlite thrusts their players into the loudest, most visceral and intense experience to be seen in a video game yet.

Starlite aims to be the fastest racing game in existence, reaching Mach1, the speed of sound. The players will experience rapid action from a hyper immersive cockpit view with a combination of perception-based G-forces, and the brutal realism of a first person crash dynamic – all while utilizing the full power of Unreal Engine.

Explore the vast and beautiful world, upgrade your machine with thousands of fully customizable parts, and finally: dominate and triumph velocity racing against other players in a competitive multiplayer environment. From building your vehicle to testing it in challenging races against others, every aspect of the game is created with impeccable attention to detail.

Starlite brings speed and acceleration to the esport community, while encouraging environmental sustainability. The cars used in the game showcase elegance and speed, while being 100% electric, combining the aspect of thrill and responsibility. The game will be available for PC, XBox One, PS4, and next generation consoles as well. No matter which platform, Starlite will deliver a vast and beautiful world experienced through ultra realistic graphics. A custom simulation in the pipeline will give players the most realistic and extensively optimized racing experience which can compare watching formula-1 live. 

Sirius Play, the developers, deliver rich and polished experiences designed for players who want only the most compelling and immersive gaming. With Starlite, Sirius Play has a single mission: delivering the fastest racing ever seen in video games.


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