TSM announces new VALORANT team full of ex-Counter-Strike pros – ESPN

TSM announces new VALORANT team full of ex-Counter-Strike pros - ESPN

When questioned what their goal is by joining TSM, members of the newly announced VALORANT roster didn’t mince their words, getting straight to the point of the team’s creation and signing with the storied North American esports organization.

“I want to dominate the VALORANT scene,” Yassine “Subroza”‘ Taoufik told ESPN about joining TSM. “[We want to] be able to consistently be the No. 1 team and bring as many trophies as possible.”

“I want to be the best team,” Tayler “Drone” Johnson said.

“I have a drive to compete and win,” Matthew “Wardell” Yu said. “I don’t care or focus on what is at stake, I just want to win each game we play.”

“I want to be the best,” Stephen “reltuC” Cutler said.

“I want to prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to esports,” 30-year-old Counter-Strike veteran James “hazed” Cobb said of his ultimate goal of joining TSM.

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At the start of the VALORANT closed beta in early April, the now-TSM roster began playing together, a majority of them announcing their exit from the professional Counter-Strike scene, eyeing a future in Riot Games’ new tactical shooter. Although the quintet all came from the same first-person shooting game background, they were a mixed bunch. Wardell had been perpetually standing on the

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